Eggys Games

Eggys Games is a personal website by Perth based game developer Bradley.

Eggys Games is the personal website of Perth based game designer and developer Bradley Erkelens.

Ascension redeveloped the original decade-old website using the existing look and feel with completely redeveloped HTML for improved SEO, redeveloped CSS (SASS) to become responsive, a migration away from a legacy in-house content management platform to Craft and several other technology improvements including better hosting.

This was a pro-bono project to extend my portfolio and to help a fellow developer showcase his recently started journey with Unity more easily.


The project was broken down into two phases. The first was to migrate the existing frontend as-is to a new content management platform. We naturally chose Craft for this. The process to perform the migration was straightforward:

  1. Create a new Craft installation.
  2. Migrate all HTML from the existing site to suitable Twig templates.
  3. Migrate the existing CSS and images.
  4. Create the suitable fields, sections and other attributes in Craft that would make up the manageable areas of the website.
  5. Integrate these fields into the Twig templates.
  6. Migrate all existing content into the CMS including articles, games, comics, etc.

A huge SEO benefit of moving to Craft was the improved URL structure which properly uses slugs, whereas the old version of the site used links that pointed directly to a PHP file, with query-strings for every article, category, etc on the website.

After the client was happy with how this looked and behaved on a staging site, we replaced the existing site with the new one immediately. We moved the hosting away from HostGator and onto Digital Ocean, added an SSL certificate and set up a nice deployment process using Git to accommodate ongoing additions and improvements.

Frontend Redevelopment

The next phase predominately revolved around improving the markup of the website to improve SEO performance. The existing structure was not properly organised nor was it easy to work with.

The entire HTML was redeveloped from scratch. We replaced all of the existing elements with semantically correct or preferred alternatives (e.g. <header> in place of a div with the ID "header"), added structured data snippets where appropriate and properly grouped content so that it could be better understood by a bot.

During this process the CSS was also discarded and re-written. We took this opportunity to write the CSS in a responsive manner which was not previously the case, meaning the website is now much nicer to experience on mobile devices. Some general cleanup to the UI was implemented, an active state was added to the navigation and dedicated article pages were changed to be full-page.


This was a good project both from the perspective of enriching our experience with Craft 3 as well as being able to help out an indie game developer. Bradley's website is now properly accessible on mobile and should see significant search improvements in the following months.